Time hotel is located in Keshavarz Street in the city centre which is one of the crowded commercial zones in Tehran. Most of the buildings in this zone belong to the first generation of contemporary Architecture in Iran. The main concept of this building is the history of metamorphosis of contemporary Architectural movement in Iran. In keeping with this spirit, the façade of presented buildings is divided into two shells. The first shell is designed by the historical patterns of brick which is one of the well-known Iranian architecture materials. The second shell is formed in the geometrical shape of the diamond and constructed by the sharp texture of GFRC. This contrast between these two shells in the façade of the building is the main goal of the architect; which is to merge the old and the new in one picture.

This building is a nine-story B & D Hotel which includes: restaurant, parking area, gym, spa , storages, Pool, sauna and temporary residential units in different styles according to users requierments. hence appliants are able to use all facilities provided in the complex during their residence. in addition to interiors functions, roof garden has been considered as a semi public space for residents to watch over Keshavarz Blvd and central district of tehran.

The general interior concept of the building is using the historical architectural elements with modern touches to connect the past with the future and remain robust and functional. During their period of their stay guests have the option to customize their room to their liking. wake up alarm, automatic curtain opening and closing, ordering their food online and setting the time of serving in the room, room temperature, shower box and the Jacuzzi in the room, programing their transportation from a couple of days before and choosing from the available brands of cars are just a few of these options.

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