With the development of modern Magusa along the Nicosia road, the site of presented project had enough potential to be designed as a landmark next to one of the key streets of Magusa connecting north and south parts of Cyprus. Considering this potential, the presented project had aimed to design a building as a momentous for both sides of the island to perform as an inviting rendezvous to connect the two prevailing cultures. Due to the location of the city, main concept of this project is the soft wave of the Mediterranean Sea to show the character of Magusa as a seaside city. Another characteristic of this structure is to unify the exterior and interior by using landscape to provide a sustainable building. In other words, the landscape continues to the interior with no modification to show the warm welcoming to the people visiting this shopping mall. Besides, lack of public and cultural centers in the city gave us the opportunity to design a building as a multipurpose space to be utilized as both cultural and shopping center.

The location of the project is a combination of diverse functions and urban activities which includes residential areas, institutes, shops, offices and a wide green zone on the left side. therefore seeking a relation between urban mass and green landscape of the context could be considered as a meaningful solution. despite the numerous type of commercial units scattered around the mentioned area, lack of a commercial-urban zone is tangible. in addition according to cyprus urban developments such as industrial sectors and infrastructures, the city requires a modern iconic node.

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